Rules and regulations

International Music Festival-Competition “Stars at Tenerife 2017”

Rules and regulations

nominations and age categories

Auditions are held in the following nominations:

2.STRING INSTRUMENTS (violin, viola, cello, guitar)
3.WIND INSTRUMENTS (brass and wood)
4.PIANO DUETS (four hands one piano)

Age category is determined by age of the party on 25.10.2017
For ensembles, age is determined as arithmetic mean of ages of all participants. The following are the age categories and application fees (Please note, we offer early registration discounts):


For nominations 1,2,3 and 7
Age category “A” – up to 9 years (up to 7 minutes)
Age category “B” – 10-12 years (up to 10 minutes)
Age category “C” – 13-15 years (up to 12 minutes)
Age category “D” – 16-18 years (up to 15 minutes)
Age category “E” – 19-22 years (up to 18 minutes)
Age category “F” – no age limit (up to 20 minutes)


Early bird
until July 1
until September 1
Last moment
until September 15
A EUR 65 EUR 80 EUR 95
B EUR 75 EUR 90 EUR 110
C EUR 85 EUR 105 EUR 125
D EUR 90 EUR 115 EUR 130
E EUR 95 EUR 120 EUR 140
F EUR 100 EUR 125 EUR 145


For nominations 4, 5 and 6:
Age category “A” – up to 12 years (up to 10 minutes)
Age category “B” – up to 18 years (up to 15 minutes)
Age category “C” – up to 25 years (up to 18 minutes)
Age category “D” – no age limit (up to 20 minutes)


Early bird
until July 1
until September 1
Last moment
until September 15
A EUR 85 EUR 105 EUR 125
B EUR 95 EUR 115 EUR 135
C EUR 105 EUR 125 EUR 145
D EUR 125 EUR 145 EUR 165


The application fees for choirs and orchestras: EUR 200
The application fees for applicants in nomination Accompaniment: EUR 90

Contestant or contestants aspiring to participate in 2 or more categories, pay re-entry application fee at the rate of 50%.

Masterclass participation fee payable separately.

Each participant needing an accompanist would have to arrange one him/herself.

Application fees must be paid :

For Euro payments:

Nordea Bank
Föreningen Morgondagenskultur — for Stars at Tenerife
IBAN: SE88 9500 0099 6034 1217 5576

Please make sure that your payment is «Sender pays» as we have seen banks take the fees from the amounts transferred.

All other participants can email for payment options that include credit card processing via PayPal (subject to extra credit card processing fee)

Application fees are not refundable


The festival arrangements include the designated hotel that would host festival events, convenient room and board at discounted rates.

Events include the opening ceremony and the concert, daily concerts, meetings, master classes, and the final gala concert.

The competition is held in one round for each category. There are no requirements as to pieces performed by competitors, however a special Prize will be awarded for best performance of Spanish composers’ piece. Other prizes will include orchestra performances, scholarship certificates of Long Island Conservatory of Music (U.S.A.) etc.


The official host hotel for Stars at Tenerife is the Four-Star Hotel Gema Aguamarina Golf. The Inn will offer Stars at Tenerife guests rehearsal space, shuttle service and more. All participants must make their reservations themselves. We offer the links for the booking.

Book via

If you need a visa, be sure to mention it at the time of booking, we do not provide visa support and issue invitation only for academic/sponsorship/other purpose.

Hotel Gema Aguamarina Golf is the most convenient location for our participants and guests. All Stars at Tenerife public activities will be happening in the hotel. The hotel offers the festival performance space, piano and other amenities as a courtesy to its guests. Unless you are local to Tenerife, if you stay elsewhere, you will be asked to pay the amenities fee of EUR 75.

All participants must email as soon as they have it available:

  • Copy of their hotel booking confirmation
  • Copy of their flight itineraries or arrival and departure dates and times



Jury will consist of well-known musicians and educators from all over the world. The jury’s decisions are not subject to revision.

Winners of first prizes must play at the final gala concert of the competition.
The competitors and accompanists pay the cost of travel, accommodation and meals themselves.
The Organizing Committee will provide to all participants and guests free access to the concerts of the competition, provides classrooms, and acoustic rehearsals at the venue on the day of the competition. An additional cultural program can be arranged by the special request of the participants.

Master classes payment, for those wishing to take part, is optional during the competition. The application forms for the participants are to be completed online.

After completing the application, please email your photo to